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Aftab Shivdasani is a well-known name in the Indian film industry, celebrated for his acting prowess and charming on-screen presence. In this comprehensive biography, we will delve into various aspects of his life, including his eye color, net worth, age, height, weight, family, bio, workout routine, diet plan, movies, and more.

Eye Color

Aftab Shivdasani’s eyes are captivatingly dark brown. This distinctive feature adds to his overall charm and is often highlighted in his various on-screen portrayals. Brown eyes, known for their warmth and depth, contribute to Aftab’s engaging and expressive looks.

Net Worth

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Aftab Shivdasani’s estimated net worth is around $12 million. However, it’s essential to note that this figure may have changed since then due to his ongoing projects, endorsements, and new ventures. Aftab’s financial success can be attributed to his successful and enduring career in Bollywood, coupled with his forays into other aspects of the entertainment industry.


Born on June 25, 1978, Aftab Shivdasani is currently 45 years old. His longevity in the industry is a testament to his talent and versatility, having made his debut as a child actor in the film “Mr. India” (1987) and subsequently transitioning into a successful adult actor.

Height and Weight

Aftab Shivdasani stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and maintains a fit and healthy physique. While specific details about his weight can vary based on role requirements and personal fitness goals, he is known for his commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Family Background

Aftab Shivdasani hails from a diverse family background with roots in the entertainment industry. His father, Prem Shivdasani, is a renowned veteran actor, while his mother, Putli Shivdasani, is a former school principal. Aftab’s family has been supportive of his career choices, providing a strong foundation for his journey in the film industry.


Aftab Shivdasani’s journey in the entertainment industry is marked by a seamless transition from a child actor to a leading man in Bollywood. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, he began his acting career at the tender age of 14 with a notable role in “Mr. India.” Over the years, Aftab has evolved into a versatile actor, showcasing his talent across various genres.

His breakthrough as a lead actor came with the film “Mast” (1999), where he won hearts with his charming portrayal of a college student. Subsequently, Aftab went on to feature in a string of successful films, including “Kasoor” (2001), “Awara Paagal Deewana” (2002), and “Masti” (2004). His performances were praised for their natural flair and relatability.

Aftab Shivdasani has not only made his mark in Hindi cinema but has also explored roles in Tamil and Telugu films. His dedication to his craft and ability to adapt to different roles have contributed to his sustained success in the industry.

Workout Routine

Maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is crucial for actors, and Aftab Shivdasani is no exception. While specific details about his workout routine may vary, a typical week for Aftab likely includes a mix of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises to stay in peak physical condition.

  1. Strength Training: Aftab incorporates strength training exercises such as weightlifting, resistance training, and bodyweight exercises to build and maintain muscle mass. This is particularly important for roles that may require physical prowess.
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise: To enhance endurance and keep cardiovascular health in check, Aftab likely engages in activities like running, cycling, or high-intensity interval training (HIIT).
  3. Yoga and Flexibility Training: Maintaining flexibility is essential for an actor, and Aftab may include yoga and stretching routines in his regimen. This helps prevent injuries and ensures agility on the screen.
  4. Diet Plan: Aftab Shivdasani follows a disciplined diet plan to complement his workout routine and support his overall well-being. While specific details may vary, his diet likely includes a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

Diet Plan

Aftab Shivdasani’s diet plan is tailored to meet the nutritional demands of his active lifestyle and support his fitness goals. Here is an overview of the key components of his diet:

  1. Protein-Rich Foods: Aftab includes lean protein sources in his diet to aid muscle maintenance and recovery. This may include chicken, fish, eggs, and plant-based proteins like lentils and tofu.
  2. Complex Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are a vital source of energy, and Aftab likely incorporates complex carbs such as whole grains, brown rice, and quinoa into his meals.
  3. Healthy Fats: Essential for overall health, healthy fats are included in Aftab’s diet through sources like avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables: Aftab ensures a sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants by including a variety of fruits and vegetables in his daily meals.
  5. Hydration: Staying hydrated is paramount, and Aftab likely emphasizes water intake throughout the day, possibly complemented by herbal teas or fresh juices.
  6. Portion Control: Moderation is key, and Aftab is likely mindful of portion sizes to maintain a healthy weight and overall well-being.
  7. Meal Timing: Aftab Shivdasani may follow a regular eating schedule, consisting of multiple smaller meals and snacks to keep his energy levels stable throughout the day.

It’s important to note that individual dietary preferences and requirements vary, and Aftab’s diet plan may be adjusted based on specific role preparations and fitness objectives.


Aftab Shivdasani’s filmography is a testament to his diverse talent and ability to take on a variety of roles. Some of his notable movies include:

  1. Mast (1999): A coming-of-age romantic drama that marked Aftab’s breakthrough as a lead actor.
  2. Kasoor (2001): A critically acclaimed thriller in which Aftab delivered a compelling performance.
  3. Awara Paagal Deewana (2002): A successful action-comedy where Aftab showcased his comedic timing.
  4. Masti (2004): A comedy film that became a box office hit, establishing Aftab as a bankable actor in the genre.
  5. Hungama (2003): Another successful comedy film in which Aftab displayed his flair for humor.
  6. Dus Kahaniyaan (2007): An anthology film where Aftab featured in one of the segments, showcasing his versatility.

Aftab Shivdasani’s film journey has been marked by a mix of genres, demonstrating his range as an actor. His contributions to the industry have earned him a place among the respected and enduring figures in Bollywood.


In addition to his work in film and fitness, Aftab Shivdasani has been involved in various other endeavors that showcase his multifaceted talents:

  1. Producer: Aftab has ventured into film production, adding another dimension to his involvement in the entertainment industry.
  2. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Beyond entertainment, Aftab has explored entrepreneurial ventures, demonstrating his business acumen and versatility.
  3. Philanthropy: Aftab is actively involved in charitable activities and has supported various causes. His influence is often utilized to raise awareness and contribute to social welfare.
  4. Public Appearances: Aftab Shivdasani is a familiar face at public events, award shows, and social gatherings. His charismatic presence and style make him a sought-after personality at such occasions.


In conclusion, Aftab Shivdasani’s journey in the Indian entertainment industry spans decades, marked by consistent success and a willingness to explore diverse avenues. From his early days as a child actor to becoming a leading figure in Bollywood, Aftab’s career is a testament to his talent, dedication, and adaptability. As he continues to contribute to the world of cinema and beyond, audiences can anticipate more engaging performances and ventures from this versatile artist.

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