Choose the best tablets with these useful tips

The tablet market is so wide that choosing one that suits what each person asks for is a world. It is true that in recent times the variety of them is very wide compared to what we could enjoy a few years ago, and the audiences have become more and more diversified. In such a situation, you have to know how to choose correctly.

Reasons to buy one

In a world in which smartphones have taken over practically all facets of our lives, there is something they cannot compete with: the size of the screens . It is a fact that tablets have screens with much larger inches, allowing you to enjoy content without straining your eyes. And this is the first of the reasons why it is worth buying a tablet. Not even a television offers you that portability to enjoy content anywhere and at all times.

At work or at university, it is an excellent option for taking notes. If you add a small keyboard to it (they are not too expensive), you can use it as an even more compact laptop. It will allow you to write quickly and comfortably, without the need to use the touch screen.

In general terms, its large storage capacity and portability are its two strengths, so you can have hundreds and hundreds of applications, as well as series or movies saved on your device. They also generally have better speakers and sound systems . In fact, many are Dolby Atmos certified. It will be like having your own Smart TV in your hands, with infinite catalogues.

On the other hand, unlike mobile phones or laptops, tablets have a brutal autonomy with which you will completely forget that you have to charge it. That will allow you to transport it anywhere and enjoy all the advantages without having to wait for a charger.

Points to consider

Well, if you are already convinced that you want or need a tablet, in that case, you have to think with some caution about the different types that you will have at your fingertips. It may not be worth paying for a 10-inch screen with the best processor on the market just to watch movies. Therefore, we are going to guide you in the process of each of the fundamental points for you to buy one.

Size and weight

Choosing a tablet that is too heavy and too many inches , depending on each hand, can hinder its use. As the minutes and hours go by, your hand will end up noticing the discomfort of holding something so heavy. If a smartphone is already tiring, imagine a tablet.


Tablet screens are the foundation of optimal performance and the ones that provide a fluid experience . We find many types of resolutions that, like everything else, depend on the money we are willing to pay. In fact, we consider this point as essential to decide on one tablet or another, since it will mark the user experience.

First of all, we find the pixel density, which is related to the resolution: it is the number of pixels per inch of a screen . With 200 PPI we will obtain a normal experience, the standard. In general, it is HD displays that offer this level of PPI. Naturally, the more PPI above 200, the better image quality.

Closely related to this we find the aspect ratio. In the case of iPads, the aspect ratio is 4:3 , while in the vast majority of Android models it is 16:9. This last format is much longer, ideal for playing video and taking full advantage of what it offers.

To be more concise, we offer you a list with the main resolutions as far as tablets are concerned:

  • QHD: 960 x 540 pixels
  • HD/720p: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • FHD or 1080p: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 2K: 2048 x 1080 pixels
  • Retina (Apple): 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • 4K or HD: 4096 x 2160 pixels

screen types

The types of panels have been advancing over time. Among the types of screens on the current market we find the TFT and the IPS , variants, at the same time, of the LCD and AMOLED . It may sound confusing, but we summarize which are better and worse.

In the case of the TFT we find the simplest models, since they are made of liquid crystal, like those of calculators, for example. On the other hand, a higher level are the IPS , new, with lower energy and battery consumption and, above all, with better viewing angles to view comfortably from anywhere.

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