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Hrithik Roshan, often referred to as the “Greek God of Bollywood,” is one of the most iconic and influential actors in the Indian film industry. Known for his charming looks, exceptional acting prowess, and incredible dance skills, Hrithik Roshan has carved a niche for himself in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. In this article, we will delve into the personal and professional life of this versatile actor, exploring details such as his net worth, eye color, age, height, weight, family background, bio, workout routine, diet plan, and his remarkable film career.

Personal Information

  1. Full Name: Hrithik Roshan Nagrath
  2. Date of Birth: January 10, 1974
  3. Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
  4. Nationality: Indian
  5. Eye Color: Green (one of the most striking features of his appearance)
  6. Age: As of 2023, Hrithik Roshan is 49 years old

Height and Weight

Hrithik Roshan is known for his remarkable physique and towering presence. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 0.5 inches (184 cm) and maintains a lean and athletic body with a weight that typically hovers around 80 kilograms (176 lbs).

Family Background

Hrithik Roshan hails from a family deeply rooted in the Indian film industry. He is the son of renowned filmmaker Rakesh Roshan and Pinky Roshan. Additionally, his grandfather, J. Om Prakash, was a prominent film director. This rich cinematic lineage has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Hrithik’s career and passion for acting.


Hrithik Roshan’s journey in the world of Bollywood has been nothing short of inspirational. Despite facing personal and professional challenges, he has managed to overcome them and achieve remarkable success. His acting career began with the film “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” in 2000, and the movie instantly turned him into a national heartthrob. Hrithik’s impeccable acting skills and dedication to his craft have earned him numerous awards, including multiple Filmfare Awards.

Workout Routine

Hrithik Roshan is celebrated not just for his acting but also for his enviable physique. He is known for his disciplined workout routines, and his commitment to maintaining a sculpted body is apparent in his various roles on the silver screen. His workout regimen typically involves a combination of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises. He has also incorporated dance as an essential part of his fitness routine, which undoubtedly contributes to his exceptional agility and grace. Hrithik often emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Diet Plan

To maintain his well-chiseled body and stay in peak physical condition, Hrithik follows a strict diet plan. He is an advocate for a balanced diet that includes a mix of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. He avoids junk food and sugars and focuses on consuming whole, nutrient-rich foods. His diet plan also includes regular intake of water and fruits to keep his body hydrated and energized.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Hrithik Roshan’s estimated net worth is around $45 million, making him one of the wealthiest actors in Bollywood. His earnings come from a combination of acting in films, brand endorsements, and business ventures.


Hrithik Roshan has been a part of numerous successful films throughout his career. Some of his notable movies include:

  1. “Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai” (2000)
  2. “Koi… Mil Gaya” (2003)
  3. “Krrish” (2006)
  4. “Dhoom 2” (2006)
  5. “Jodhaa Akbar” (2008)
  6. “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” (2011)
  7. “Krrish 3” (2013)
  8. “Kaabil” (2017)
  9. “War” (2019)


Hrithik Roshan’s journey from being a star kid to becoming a bona fide superstar in the Indian film industry is nothing short of remarkable. His dedication to fitness, passion for acting, and charisma have made him a beloved figure in Bollywood. With his versatile roles and exceptional talent, Hrithik Roshan continues to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of his fans, both in India and around the world. His net worth, eye-catching green eyes, age, height, weight, family background, and remarkable films are all facets of a multi-talented and inspiring actor who has redefined stardom in the world of cinema.

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