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If you’re a fan of high-energy cheerleading routines, sassy cheerleaders, and the exhilarating world of competitive spirit squads, you’ve probably already fallen in love with the cult classic “Bring It On.” This iconic film, released in 2000, is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and fantastic dance sequences that have kept fans cheering for years. If you’re looking for more movies that capture the same spirit and excitement as “Bring It On,” you’re in luck! In this blog, we’ll dive into some fantastic films that will have you shouting, “Give me a ‘B,’ give me an ‘R,’ give me an ‘I,’ and so on!”

  1. “Fired Up!” (2009):

If you enjoyed the humor and cheerleading action in “Bring It On,” then “Fired Up!” is right up your alley. This comedy follows two high school guys who ditch football camp for cheerleading camp, hoping to meet girls. The film is packed with hilarious moments and fantastic cheerleading sequences that will leave you in stitches.

  1. “Sugar & Spice” (2001):

“Sugar & Spice” is a delightful mix of cheerleading and crime capers. When a group of high school cheerleaders decides to rob a bank to support one of their pregnant teammates, you can expect plenty of laughs, thrills, and a dash of cheerleading spirit.

  1. “All Cheerleaders Die” (2013):

For those who like a bit of supernatural twist with their cheerleading, “All Cheerleaders Die” is an intriguing choice. This dark comedy-horror film tells the story of a high school girl who joins the cheerleading squad and uncovers some eerie secrets. With a blend of the supernatural and cheerleading drama, it’s a unique take on the genre.

  1. “But I’m a Cheerleader” (1999):

“But I’m a Cheerleader” is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy that explores themes of sexual identity and self-acceptance. The film follows a cheerleader who is sent to a conversion therapy camp after her parents suspect she’s a lesbian. It’s a satirical take on the world of cheerleading and societal norms.

  1. “The DUFF” (2015):

While not centered around cheerleading, “The DUFF” offers a fresh take on high school dynamics and self-discovery. It follows a high school senior who discovers she’s the Designated Ugly Fat Friend (DUFF) in her group and decides to reinvent herself. With relatable teen humor and themes, it’s a great choice for fans of “Bring It On.”

  1. “Wild Child” (2008):

“Wild Child” takes you on a journey across the pond to an elite British boarding school. The film follows the adventures of a rebellious American teenager who is sent to the strict institution. While it’s not exactly a cheerleading movie, it’s packed with humor, coming-of-age moments, and even a bit of cheerleading as the protagonist strives to fit in.

  1. “The Hot Chick” (2002):

In “The Hot Chick,” a high school cheerleader and a petty criminal switch bodies, leading to all sorts of comedic chaos. The film explores themes of self-identity and the challenges of high school life, all while delivering a generous dose of laughter.

  1. “Teen Spirit” (2011):

“Teen Spirit” is a captivating documentary that provides a behind-the-scenes look at the world of competitive cheerleading. If you’re fascinated by the dedication, athleticism, and sheer talent of cheerleaders, this documentary will give you a newfound appreciation for the sport.

  1. “G.B.F.” (2013):

“G.B.F.” (Gay Best Friend) is a witty and entertaining comedy that delves into the dynamics of high school popularity. When three high school girls compete to have the first gay best friend, you can expect humor, satire, and a heartwarming exploration of friendship and acceptance.

  1. “Poms” (2019):

For those looking for a heartwarming film that combines comedy and cheerleading, “Poms” is a great choice. The movie follows a group of senior citizens who form a cheerleading squad in a retirement community. It’s a delightful tale of pursuing one’s passion, regardless of age.


If “Bring It On” left you craving more cheerleading action, humor, and teenage drama, these movies are sure to satisfy your entertainment needs. Whether you’re into dark comedies, supernatural twists, or heartwarming stories, there’s something on this list for everyone. So, grab your pom-poms and popcorn, and get ready for a cheer-tastic movie marathon!

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