Multiplayer games like stardew valley

Stardew Valley, created by ConcernedApe (Eric Barone), is a beloved indie game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide. Known for its serene farming simulation and charming pixel art, the game is a solitary experience that immerses players in a tranquil virtual world. However, if you’re yearning for the camaraderie of multiplayer gaming while still enjoying the same relaxing vibes and pastoral settings, we have some fantastic recommendations for you. In this article, we’ll explore a collection of multiplayer games that share similar themes with Stardew Valley, allowing you to cultivate virtual communities with friends and fellow gamers.

Top Multiplayer games like stardew valley

1. “Stardew Valley” (Multiplayer Mode)

Game Overview

Before diving into alternatives, it’s worth noting that Stardew Valley itself offers a multiplayer mode. You can invite friends to join you on your farm, collaborate on tasks, and build a thriving virtual community together.

Why You’ll Love It

If you adore the serene life simulation aspects of Stardew Valley and want to share that experience with friends, the multiplayer mode provides the perfect opportunity.

2. “Terraria” (2011)

Game Overview

Terraria is an expansive sandbox adventure game that lets you and your friends embark on epic quests, mine for resources, build structures, and face off against challenging foes. Its 2D pixel art style gives it a similar visual charm to Stardew Valley.

Why You’ll Love It

Much like Stardew Valley, Terraria encourages cooperative play, enabling you and your friends to explore, build, and conquer together in a whimsical and vibrant world.

3. “Minecraft” (2011)

Game Overview

Minecraft is a sandbox game that needs no introduction. Its blocky, pixelated world is a canvas for creativity. In multiplayer mode, you can collaborate with others to construct impressive structures and explore the limitless possibilities of the game.

Why You’ll Love It

If you enjoy the freedom of building and crafting in Stardew Valley, you’ll find Minecraft’s multiplayer mode to be an excellent platform for collaborative creativity.

4. “Don’t Starve Together” (2016)

Game Overview

Don’t Starve Together is a multiplayer expansion of the popular survival game “Don’t Starve.” In this quirky and challenging world, you and your friends must work together to survive various hazards and supernatural foes.

Why You’ll Love It

While it has a different tone from Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve Together offers cooperative gameplay with a focus on resource management and exploration.

5. “Raft” (2018)

Game Overview

Raft is a multiplayer survival game set in an oceanic world. You and your friends are stranded on a small raft, and your goal is to expand it, gather resources, and fend off threats from the deep.

Why You’ll Love It

Raft combines survival elements with cooperative gameplay, allowing you to build and explore a floating oasis while cooperating with friends to overcome challenges.

6. “Spiritfarer” (2020)

Game Overview

Spiritfarer is a unique game that combines management simulation with emotional storytelling. You play as a “Spiritfarer,” guiding spirits to the afterlife while building relationships with them.

Why You’ll Love It

Spiritfarer offers a beautiful and emotional cooperative experience that focuses on connection and compassion, similar to the sense of community found in Stardew Valley.


Stardew Valley has set a high standard for serene, community-building games, and while nothing can quite replicate its magic, these multiplayer games offer their own delightful and cooperative experiences. Whether you’re exploring vast landscapes, building structures, or surviving together, each game on this list invites you to cultivate virtual communities with friends and fellow gamers, ensuring that the joy of shared adventures is never far away.

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