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Rajeev Khandelwal stands as a distinguished figure in the Indian entertainment industry, celebrated for his captivating performances as an actor and television host. Born on October 16, 1975, in Jaipur, India, Rajeev has carved a niche for himself with his nuanced portrayals and undeniable charisma. In this comprehensive biography, we will delve into various aspects of his life, including his eye color, net worth, age, height, weight, family, bio, workout routine, diet plan, movies, and more.

Eye Color

Rajeev Khandelwal possesses mesmerizing hazel eyes. The unique blend of brown and green tones in hazel eyes adds an extra layer of charm to his already magnetic personality. This distinctive eye color has undoubtedly contributed to his on-screen appeal and fan following.

Net Worth

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Rajeev Khandelwal’s estimated net worth was around $5 million. However, it’s crucial to note that this figure may have changed since then due to his ongoing projects, endorsements, and new ventures. Rajeev’s financial success is a testament to his accomplished career in acting, anchoring, and his ability to connect with the audience.


As of November 6, 2023, Rajeev Khandelwal is 48 years old. Born in 1975, he has aged gracefully, maintaining his charisma and allure. His journey through the years has seen a remarkable evolution in his career and personal life.

Height and Weight

Rajeev Khandelwal stands at approximately 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall. His well-proportioned physique and commanding screen presence have been integral to his success as an actor. While specific details about his weight may vary, Rajeev has often been admired for his fit and healthy lifestyle.

Family Background

Rajeev Khandelwal was born into a middle-class family in Jaipur. His father, Lt. Col. C.L. Khandelwal, served in the Indian Army, and his mother, Vijay Laxmi Khandelwal, is a homemaker. Rajeev’s upbringing in a disciplined environment, rooted in values, has played a significant role in shaping his character and approach to his career.


Rajeev Khandelwal’s journey into the entertainment industry is marked by unconventional choices and a determination to break stereotypes. After completing his education in engineering, he ventured into the world of modeling, catching the eye of producers and casting directors. His breakthrough came with the critically acclaimed television series “Kahiin To Hoga” (2003-2005), where he portrayed the character Sujal Garewal.

Following his success on the small screen, Rajeev made a seamless transition to Bollywood with the film “Aamir” (2008), a gripping thriller that showcased his acting prowess. He continued to challenge himself with diverse roles in films like “Shaitan” (2011), “Table No. 21” (2013), and “Fever” (2016).

Apart from his work in films, Rajeev has been a prominent face on television, hosting shows like “Deal Ya No Deal” and “Sach Ka Saamna.” His ability to connect with the audience, coupled with his genuine and affable demeanor, has made him a sought-after host.

Workout Routine

Rajeev Khandelwal’s commitment to fitness is evident in his well-maintained physique. While specific details about his workout routine may vary, a typical week for Rajeev likely includes a combination of strength training, cardio, and flexibility exercises.

  1. Strength Training: To build and maintain muscle mass, Rajeev incorporates strength training exercises. This may include weightlifting, resistance training, and bodyweight exercises.
  2. Cardiovascular Exercise: Rajeev engages in cardio workouts to enhance his stamina and cardiovascular health. Running, cycling, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) are potential components of his routine.
  3. Yoga and Flexibility Training: Maintaining flexibility is crucial for an actor. Rajeev may practice yoga and incorporate stretching routines to enhance flexibility and prevent injuries.
  4. Outdoor Activities: Rajeev’s workout routine may include outdoor activities like trekking or sports to add variety and make fitness an enjoyable part of his lifestyle.

Diet Plan

Rajeev Khandelwal’s diet plan likely revolves around maintaining a balanced and nutritious intake to support his fitness goals and overall well-being. While individual dietary preferences vary, here is an overview of the key components of his diet plan:

  1. Lean Proteins: Rajeev includes lean protein sources such as chicken, fish, eggs, and plant-based proteins to support muscle maintenance and recovery.
  2. Complex Carbohydrates: Whole grains, brown rice, and legumes are potential sources of complex carbohydrates, providing sustained energy for workouts and daily activities.
  3. Healthy Fats: Incorporating sources of healthy fats, such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil, contributes to overall health and supports various bodily functions.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables: Rajeev’s diet includes a variety of fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  5. Hydration: Staying adequately hydrated is vital. Rajeev likely prioritizes water intake and may include herbal teas or fresh fruit juices.
  6. Moderation: Portion control and moderation play a key role in Rajeev’s diet, ensuring a balanced intake of nutrients without excess.
  7. Meal Timing: Following a regular meal schedule helps maintain energy levels throughout the day. Rajeev may opt for multiple smaller meals and snacks.


Rajeev Khandelwal’s filmography reflects his versatility and commitment to challenging roles. Some of his notable movies include:

  1. Aamir (2008): Rajeev garnered critical acclaim for his performance in this thriller, where he played the lead role of Dr. Aamir Ali.
  2. Shaitan (2011): In this psychological thriller, Rajeev portrayed the character of Malwankar, showcasing his ability to take on diverse roles.
  3. Table No. 21 (2013): This suspense thriller featured Rajeev in the lead role of Vivaan, earning him accolades for his intense portrayal.
  4. Fever (2016): Rajeev played the role of Armin Salem in this thriller, once again showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Rajeev’s film choices and performances have consistently demonstrated his dedication to quality storytelling and his ability to bring depth to his characters.

Other Endeavors

In addition to his acting and hosting career, Rajeev Khandelwal has been involved in various other endeavors, showcasing his multifaceted talents:

  1. Theatre: Rajeev has ventured into theatre, demonstrating his commitment to different forms of storytelling and performance.
  2. Social Causes: He has been associated with social causes and has used his platform to raise awareness about issues close to his heart.
  3. Travel Shows: Rajeev has hosted travel shows, allowing audiences to witness his adventurous side and love for exploring diverse cultures.
  4. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Beyond the entertainment industry, Rajeev may have explored entrepreneurial ventures, leveraging his creativity and business acumen.


Rajeev Khandelwal’s journey in the world of entertainment is a testament to his talent, versatility, and dedication. From his early days as a television heartthrob to becoming a respected actor and host, he has consistently evolved and embraced new challenges. With his captivating hazel eyes, a net worth reflective of his success, and a filmography that spans various genres, Rajeev continues to be a cherished figure in the hearts of his fans. As he navigates the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry, audiences can anticipate more captivating performances and contributions from this seasoned artist.

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